Patch Notes - 10-3-2017

Hey all! Here is what is new to CTHON:

Balance Changes

  • Revamped item spawning to be more forgiving, especially on later levels. Resource items (health, ammo, and grenades) reduce less rapidly per level. This is most noticeable in the late game. Each difficulty is different in how rapidly it reduces item count per level; Beginner has a flatter curve, while Hardcore has a steeper curve. Item spawning is still random, but generally not as scarce.
  • Revamped the way secrets spawn so that they have less of an overall impact on the game; some secrets can still contain very good loot, not so good loot, and even monsters, but there are now far less secrets on any given level and they more frequently spawn in larger blank areas instead of on obscure corners.
  • The player now starts with two inventory slots instead of just one.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the score screen would start to incorrectly report the number of total secrets found if you started a new run without closing the application.

Other Changes

  • Changed the game's font to something more legible and less wide.
  • Added seams to the textures of secret walls to make them easier to find.

Thanks and have fun!

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Oct 04, 2017


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